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Teen Patti Master: Understanding the basics of Hand Ranking Terms

If you’re looking to master Teen Patti, one of the world’s most popular cash games, you must first understand the important terminologies of the game. Whether you’re playing in real space or online, having clear knowledge of what these terms mean will certainly put you ahead compared to players who don’t know. We will be exploring the most frequently used terms and explaining what each of them means.

Hand Rankings

With a deck of 52 cards, there are a variety of hand combinations, with more scarce combinations being higher in value. We’ve sorted the hand combinations in Teen Patti here based on the highest to lowest value.

Trail or Trio or Set

The highest possible hand, consisting of three cards of the same rank. Suppose a player has three cards in their hand, all three cards being 5’s, then this hand would be considered a “trail of 5’s”, a “trio of 5’s” or a “set of 5’s”. As this is one of the strongest combinations in the game, it is difficult to beat. Keep in mind that in real cash games such as Teen Patti, the highest-value cards are Aces, followed by Kings, Queens, and so forth, with 2 being the lowest-value card.

Pure Sequence or Straight Flush

A highly desired hand, only next to Trails, Trios, and Sets. Both Pure Sequences and Straight Flushes are highly valued and desirable hands in Teen Patti. Pure Sequences are a combination of three consecutive cards of the same suit. For example, having the 5, 6, and 7 of spades would form a Pure Sequence. It is important to note that the sequence must be of the same suit to be considered a Pure Sequence. Straight Flush, on the other hand, is similar to a Pure Sequence, but it includes three consecutive cards of the same suit along with the Ace, which acts as the highest card. For example, having the Ace, 2, and 3 of hearts would form a Straight Flush. The Ace can be used as the highest card (A-K-Q) or as the lowest card (A-2-3) in a Straight Flush.

Sequence or Run

A Sequence or Run consists of three consecutive cards that are not all from the same suit. For example, a hand will be considered a Sequence or Run if the player may have the 4 of spades, 5 of hearts, and 6 of clubs. While not as powerful as Straight Flushes, Pure Sequences, Trials, Trios, or Sets, Sequences, and Runs are still desirable hands in the game on online Teen Patti.

Color or Flush

A Color or Flush in Teen Patti refers to having three cards of the same suit, regardless of their numerical order. For example, if a player has the 2, 7, and King of diamonds, they will have a Color or Flush in diamonds. Similarly, having the 4, Jack, and Ace of hearts would also constitute a Color or Flush in hearts. If two players both have a Flush, the one with the highest card wins.


When a player has two cards of the same rank in their hand, they have a pair. The highest pair wins if more than one player has a pair. For example, if a player holds both the 5 of spades and the 5 of hearts, they have a pair of 5s. Similarly, having the King of diamonds and the King of clubs would also constitute a pair.

High Card

The lowest-ranking hand where no combination is formed. The highest card in the hand determines the winner. This (lack of) combination should be considered a last resort.

Other Variations of Teen Patti

Mini Flush

In this variation of online Teen Patti, only various combinations are valid. Besides High card, flush, straight, straight flush, and royal flush hands, all other combinations are not considered to be winning hand combinations.

Muflis (Lowball)

Muflis, meaning “poor” or “broke” in Hindi, the ranking of the hands is reversed, with the lowest-ranking hand (high card) becoming the strongest possible hand.


AK47 is a term used to describe a specific combination of cards that consists of the Ace, King, 4, and 7, regardless of their suits. This combination is considered particularly strong and valuable in the context of the game. In this variation, Aces, Kings, 4s, and 7s are wild cards and can be used as any card in the deck.

The specific rules and rankings of AK47 may vary depending on the variation of Teen Patti being played. In some cases, AK47 may be the highest-ranking hand, while in others, it may be ranked just below certain combinations like a royal flush or a straight flush.


Also known as “Fixed Joker”, a specific card or multiple cards are determined before the game starts and can be used as wild cards to complete a hand. For example, the 2 of Hearts might be chosen as the Joker. The chosen card holds its usual rank and suit, but it can also act as a wild card to complete combinations.

Mastering Online Teen Patti Hand Rankings

Now that you have a better understanding of the hand combinations, you’re almost ready to start playing the game for real cash! Download Teen Patti Master today and begin your journey today! Play against opponents from different parts of the world, all within the comfort of your own home.