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Teen Patti Master: Understanding the Basics of Game Play Terms

In the world of online Teen Patti, many intricacies in this game can confuse newer players. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned player seeking a deeper understanding, this blog will provide valuable insights. Join us as we unravel the meanings behind these Teen Patti terms, empowering you to navigate the game with confidence and finesse.

Dealer Button

Dealer buttons are small markers used to indicate the player who is currently acting as the dealer for a particular hand. The dealer button rotates clockwise around the table after each hand, ensuring that each player takes turns being the dealer.

At the beginning of a game, before the first hand is dealt, the dealer button is placed in front of the player who will act as the initial dealer. The selection of the initial dealer can be determined randomly or through a predetermined method.

The dealer button serves as a visual indicator of who the dealer is for each hand. It is typically a small disc or token, often marked with the word "Dealer" or a specific symbol, and it is passed to the next player in a clockwise direction after each hand is completed.

The dealer button has several functions:

  • It determines the order of betting and play, as the player to the left of the dealer button usually acts first in each betting round.
  • It ensures fairness in distributing the cards, as the player with the dealer button is responsible for shuffling and dealing the cards for each hand.
  • It helps keep track of the rotation of the dealer position, ensuring that each player gets an equal opportunity to be the dealer.

The dealer button is particularly important in games with blind bets, as it helps determine which players are required to place the small blind and big blind bets before the hand begins.

Forced Bets

Forced bets are mandatory bets that players are required to place before the hand begins. These bets, known as blinds or antes, create an initial pot and initiate the betting action in each hand. The purpose of forced bets is to introduce an initial investment from players and create a starting pot to encourage betting and action. They also help determine the betting order and provide structure to the game. After the forced bets are placed, the betting rounds begin, and players take turns making decisions regarding their bets, raises, or folds based on their hand strength and strategy.

Here are the two types of forced bets commonly used in online Teen Patti:

Small Blind

The small blind is a predetermined amount set before the hand starts. The player sitting to the left of the dealer button is typically responsible for placing the small blind. The small blind is usually half the amount of the minimum bet for that particular table or game.

Big Blind

The big blind is a larger mandatory bet placed by the player sitting to the left of the small blind. It is usually equal to the minimum bet for that table or game. The big blind ensures there is a minimum amount in the pot that players can compete for.

Blind Game

Blind games are a variation of the game where players are required to place blind bets without seeing their cards. Blind games add an element of uncertainty and strategy to the gameplay, as players must make betting decisions based solely on their position and the actions of other players.

Here's how online Teen Patti blind games work:

  • Blinds: In blind games, two players are designated to place blind bets before the hand begins. The player sitting to the left of the dealer button places the small blind, and the player sitting to the left of the small blind places the big blind. The blinds are mandatory bets that create the initial pot.
  • No Card Viewing: Unlike regular Teen Patti games, in blind games, players do not view their cards before placing their initial bets. They are essentially betting "blind" without any knowledge of their hand's strength.
  • Betting Rounds: The betting rounds proceed as usual, with players taking turns making decisions based on their position, the actions of other players, and the size of the blinds. Players can choose to call (match the current bet), raise (increase the current bet), or fold (surrender their hand).
  • Card Viewing: After the first round of betting is complete, players have the option to view their cards. At this point, they can assess the strength of their hand and make subsequent betting decisions accordingly.


"Open" refers to the initial bet placed by the first player to act in the round. This is the opening bet that sets the minimum amount for subsequent bets or raises. It sets the tone for the betting round and establishes the minimum amount that subsequent players must meet to stay in the hand.

Pack or Drop

When a player chooses to fold their hand and withdraw from the current round of play, they are choosing to “pack” or “drop”. When a player decides to pack or drop, they essentially forfeit their hand and any money they have already contributed to the pot. They withdraw from the current round of play and are no longer required to contribute any additional bets or take any further actions for that particular hand. These players typically sit out for the remainder of the hand until a new hand is dealt. They can observe the ongoing play but cannot participate or win any portion of the pot.

Show Off Your Skills through Teen Patti Master

While there is quite a lot of information to absorb, there is no better way to practise what you’ve learned than playing the game online. By playing Teen Patti Master, you not only go over your understanding of these terms, but you also have the potential to win real cash. With so many players all over the world and a variety of game modes available, download now and start your Teen Patti journey!