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Understanding Teen Patti Hand Rankings | Become a Teen Patti Master

This comprehensive guide delves into the fundamental hand rankings of Teen Patti, from defining what constitutes a "hand" to the intricacies of each hand's strength. It encompasses the mightiest "Trio," the consecutive "Straight Flush," the simple "Straight," the suit-specific "Flush," and the elementary "Pair." The guide also elucidates the lowest-ranked "High Card" hand, where no combinations occur. Expect a practical "Demo" segment showcasing these hands in action, providing clarity on how winners are determined during gameplay.

Clarifying the Concept of a Hand in Teen Patti

Teen Patti Master is typically played with a standard 52-card deck, but a variant includes two Joker cards acting as wilds. The objective is to form the best three-card hand and maximize the pot value before the showdown. Hands are categorized by rank, with higher categories trumping lower ones. Ties, featuring identical hands, result in a split pot, unless suit ranking comes into play, in which case the highest suit wins the entire pot.

The hierarchy of Teen Patti hands is as follows:

Trio (Three of a Kind)

A Trio, the apex hand in Teen Patti Master, consists of three cards of identical rank. The pinnacle Trio is three Aces, descending to the lowest, three Twos. This hand trumps all others, including Straight Flushes, Sequences, Colours, Pairs, and High Cards. Trios are scarce but confer a substantial advantage.

Straight Flush (Pure Sequence)

The Straight Flush, or Pure Sequence, ranks just below a Trio. It features three consecutive cards of the same suit, e.g., 4-5-6 of spades. The highest card dictates its strength, with an Ace-high Straight Flush being the most formidable.

Straight (Sequence)

A Straight involves three sequentially ordered cards of different suits. It sits below a Straight Flush but above a Flush. The highest card again determines its rank, with Ace-2-3 at the summit (Ace being low).

Flush (Colour)

A Flush contains three cards of the same suit, not in sequence. Its rank is defined first by the highest card, then the second-highest, and finally the lowest. For instance, A-K-J trumps A-10-9.

Pair (Double)

A Pair includes two cards of the same rank. It ranks below a Flush but above a High Card. The pair's rank and the third card's value, or 'kicker,' determine its strength.

High Card (No Pair)

The High Card hand has no sequence, matching suit, or pair. It ranks purely on the highest card present, with an Ace-high being the strongest and a 5-high the weakest.

Game Simulation

To truly grasp how Teen Patti Master unfolds, we will simulate a game with four players: Aman, Bina, Chetan, and Diya. Each player is dealt three cards face-down. Before the cards are dealt, all players agree to the minimum stake, known as the boot amount, which is placed in the pot.

Initial Deal

  • Aman receives: Ace♠, King♠, 2♦
  • Bina receives: 7♣, 7♥, 3♠
  • Chetan receives: 5♠, 5♣, 5♥ (Trio)
  • Diya receives: Queen♦, Jack♦, 10♦ (Straight Flush)

Betting Rounds

The game begins with the player to the dealer's left, which is Aman, and proceeds clockwise.

  1. Aman (plays blind): Bets the boot amount.
  2. Bina (plays seen): Bets double the boot amount (standard for a seen player).
  3. Chetan (plays seen): Bets double the boot amount.
  4. Diya (plays seen): Bets double the boot amount.

Next Round

  • Aman, still playing blind, decides to bet the boot amount again.
  • Bina, seeing her Pair, decides to raise, betting four times the boot amount.
  • Chetan, confident with his Trio, calls Bina's raised bet.
  • Diya, with a Straight Flush, sees an opportunity and raises even further, betting eight times the boot amount.

At this point, the stakes are high, and the pot has grown significantly.

Subsequent Rounds

  • Aman, feeling the pressure, decides to look at his cards and sees he only has a High Card. He decides to fold, not matching Diya's last bet.
  • Bina, with her Pair, decides to call Diya's bet, adding the required amount to the pot.
  • Chetan, with his Trio, also calls, matching Diya's bet.

The Showdown

The game now reaches the final stage with Bina, Chetan, and Diya. A showdown is paid for, and players reveal their hands.

  • Bina shows her Pair of sevens: 7♣, 7♥, 3♠
  • Chetan reveals his Trio: 5♠, 5♣, 5♥
  • Diya displays her Straight Flush: Queen♦, Jack♦, 10♦

Determining the Winner

According to Teen Patti Master hand rankings:

  • A Trio is ranked higher than a Straight Flush.
  • A Straight Flush ranks higher than a Pair.

Therefore, despite Diya's strong Straight Flush, Chetan wins the pot with his Trio.

Be Mindful of Hand Probabilities

The rarity of hand categories plays a crucial role in Teen Patti tactics. From the elusive Trio to the common High Card, understanding these frequencies aids players in making more informed game-time choices.


Grasping the nuances of Teen Patti hand rankings is vital for any player aiming for success. Knowing which hands beat others informs betting and folding decisions, ultimately enhancing the potential for victory. Keep this guide handy, and you may just find yourself outplaying the competition with strategic finesse.