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Teen Patti Master: Understanding the Basics of Player Action Terms

Fold or Pack

When a player chooses to withdraw from the current hand and not participate in further betting rounds, they are choosing to “fold” or “pack. The player forfeits their chance to win the pot and any chips or money they have already contributed to the pot.

Consider the following when folding or packing in online Teen Patti:

  • During the betting rounds, when it's a player's turn to act, they have several options, including betting, calling, raising, or folding.
  • If a player believes that their hand is not strong enough or they don't want to risk any more chips, they can choose to fold or pack. This means they discard their hand and withdraw from the current hand.
  • Once a player folds, they are no longer involved in the betting or the outcome of the hand. They cannot win the pot, even if their hand would have been stronger than the remaining players.
  • Folding or packing is a strategic move that players make when they believe their chances of winning the hand are low or when they want to minimise their losses.
  • Players who fold do not have to contribute any additional chips or money to the pot during the current hand.


“Show" refers to the action of revealing and comparing hands at the end of a betting round to determine the winner of the pot. It is the final stage of the hand where players showcase their cards to determine who has the strongest hand.

Here's how showing works in Teen Patti games:

  1. After the final round of betting is complete, all remaining players who haven't folded reveal their cards simultaneously.
  2. The player who initiated the last bet or raise is the first to show their hand, followed by the remaining players in a clockwise direction.
  3. Once all hands are shown, players compare their cards to determine the winner. The player with the highest-ranking hand according to the predefined hand rankings (such as a trail, pure sequence, sequence,colour, pair, or high card) wins the pot.
  4. In the case of a tie, where multiple players have hands of equal rank, the pot is divided equally among the tied players.
  5. It's important to note that if a player has folded during the hand, they are not required to show their cards.

Sideshow, Backshow or Compromise

In Teen Patti, the terms "sideshow," "backshow," or "compromise" refer to a special feature or action that allows players to compare their hands with another player's hand before deciding whether to continue in the current hand or fold. This feature adds an element of strategy and negotiation to the game.


During the betting rounds, if a player wants to challenge another player's hand, they can request a sideshow. The player making the request must have placed a bet that is at least twice the current bet of the player they want to challenge. The player who has been requested for a sideshow can choose to accept or decline the request. If they accept, both players privately compare their hands with each other without revealing them to other players.

Backshow or Compromise

Backshow is a variation of the sideshow feature, where instead of comparing hands privately, the players compare their hands openly with each other and the rest of the players can also see the comparison. The player with the weaker hand must fold, and the pot is awarded to the player with the stronger hand.

Seen or Chaal

The term "seen" or "chaal" refers to the action taken by a player to continue in the current hand by placing a bet or matching the previous bet made by another player. It is a basic action that allows players to stay in the hand and compete for the pot. To see or chaal, a player must match the current bet, or the highest bet made by another player in the round. By doing so, they remain active in the hand and continue to compete for the pot.

There are also things to consider when taking this action:

  • If a player chooses to see or chaal, they must place the same amount of chips or money into the pot as the previous bet or raise.
  • Once a player has seen or chaal, they are still eligible to make further bets or raises in subsequent betting rounds if they choose to do so.
  • If a player cannot or does not want to match the current bet or raise, they have the option to fold and withdraw from the hand.

Blind Player

A blind player chooses to not look at their cards and thus plays with a lower minimum bet. The blind player concept adds an element of uncertainty and risk to the game, as the blind player is essentially relying on luck rather than skill or strategy when placing their bet. They are essentially taking a gamble, hoping that their blind bet will be worthwhile based on the strength of their hand once it is revealed.

Seen Player

In contrast to a blind player, a seen player refers to a player who has looked at their cards before making betting decisions. Unlike blind players who participate without seeing their cards, seen players know their hand's strength and can make more informed choices during the game.

Putting this knowledge to use in Teen Patti Master

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